Painting or Sculpture?

I have returned to beading, I believe it has something to do with the attractive vibrant colors of the beads.  I am currently working with seed beads.  I believe it connects with my the rest of my work.  I have several 8.5 x 11 canvases and will be posting them soon.  My pathetic attempt to bead my initials and the year is at the bottom right.  I am starting on a red and possibly pink piece next (Will post when I finish).  I am estimating maybe two-three weeks.



Progress on Painting

Recently I purchased a 48×60 inch wood panel from Blick and have been preparing the painting for my show in April.  As of 2/10 is it not complete however, I wanted to show how fast things are progressing.  The images start with where I entered into the painting and end with the most recent additions to the painting.



First Website first post


Hello! This is Holly Vader, I’m so excited, this is my first website.  My committee members were right, Holly Vader is a unique name.  However, I am trying to figure everything out and trying to get this website up and running with images and more information.  WordPress said the website might be glitchy for up to three days.  Hopefully, everything will come together soon.